Thirty Logos Design Challenge: Introduction

Thirty Logos Design Challenge: Introduction

Jake Hayes
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I will be working through the Logo Core Logo Challenge. I currently do not have the availability to complete it in the 30 days, but I will try to complete it as fast as possible. I am hoping to complete it within 60 days, but I don’t have any way of guaranteeing that.

It has been a number of years since I stretched my “logo design” muscles, but I have been reviewing some of my notes from classes I took in college and watching some YouTube videos to try to remember some of the tips and tricks I learned back then and even linked some of those videos below. I will say I do not claim to know much of anything about logo design, I’m hoping this challenge will teach me some things. The videos have been created by professional logo designers so I would listen to them before listening to anything that I might say.

YouTube videos about logo design

Tools that I’m using

Pencil and Paper

Basics, I won’t be using this everytime, but I have that option available to me and I would not hesitate to use it at any time.


Primary alternative to Pencil and Paper, I’ll be using it to sketch out ideas and clean up. Most things that I sketch out in Procreate will all be free hand.

Affinity Designer

I made the decision to leave Adobe Creative Cloud products after using them for years. Affinity Designer would be the Adobe CC equivalent of Illustrator. However, after researching I made the decision to go exclusively for a number of reasons

  1. Affinity Designer is a 1 time purchase and not a monthly subscription
  2. I also like to work from my iPad Pro and Affinity Designer on the iPad offers all the same features as the desktop version
  3. The advantage of the Affinity “Personas” is that there are times where with Adobe Illustrator I would have to switch over to Photoshop for something minor, that is not necessary when I can very easily switch to the Pixel persona.

Affinity Photo

All the reasons for me selecting Affinity Designer over Adobe Illustrator apply for why I am using Affinity Photo over Adobe Photoshop. I will be using it for mockups mostly.

Link to each day in the challenge

  1. Day 1: Space
  2. Day 2: Grind Coffee Shop