Babysitter Kata

Babysitter Kata

Jake Hayes
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Note: This post is still a work in progress.

Description of the Problem

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This kata simulates a babysitter working and getting paid for one night. The rules are pretty straight forward.

Initial Thoughts

For this exercise I was given the option to select my own language from a list, I decided to go with Python as it is one of the languages I am most comfortable with. After spending over a year listening to both the PythonBytes and Test & Code podcasts, I had heard enough from Brian Okken to use pytest as the “test” part of my test driven development.

Having never used pytest before, I decided to buy Brian’s book so that I could get a good foundation of how pytest specifically worked. As a side note, I would recommend pytest if you are working on a python project. So I spent a couple of hours storming through that book so that I would have some idea of what I was doing.

After establishing that I was going to use pytest, I planned out the rest of what I was going to use for this project. To make it easier to develop on multiple machines I decided to use virtualenv. This way to use this package on another machine, all I would need to do (after using pip to install virtualenv) is install the packages in the requirements.txt file using pip install -r requirements.txt and then the package is ready to go.

The other package in requirements.txt file other than pytest is Click. Click is a very powerful package that makes adding a command line interface (CLI) to your python package very easy. Using decorators and functions, defining a CLI is very easy.