Need help with a specific technical problem?

Do you have a technical project that needs some extra hands? Want help in making your estimate for a customer? Need a React SME to step in and get some work done?


How can I help?

There are lots of ways that I can help you out! But if you don't know where to start, here are some common things I've helped others out with.

1 hour meeting

Want to check your estimate, rubber duck, or get pointed into a direction?

Starting at


  • A full hour of my time
  • I will prep for the meeting if you provide information
  • I am a full stack engineer with a wide swath of experience
  • React Specialist
  • Single-Spa Core Team member

Multi-meeting pack

Lock in a set number of meetings spaced out

Starting at


  • Space out the meetings to get time to implement what we discuss
  • Time to try out what we talk about and come up with new questions
  • Discounts per meeting for a higher total of meetings
  • 1 hour meetings per set interval or decide specific dates

Project Work

Hands on work using my years of experience

Starting at

$100 /hour

  • Use my years of experience to your advantage
  • Hourly pricing or by the project
  • A free estimate beforehand if you are looking to pay by project
  • A full-stack engineer or architect that is available to you

Project Review

Finished something but need help with lessons learned

Starting at


  • I can guide a postmortem
  • Want to talk out pain points and come up with future alternatives
  • Ask me technical questions
  • I'll write up a summary document afterwards

Ready to dive in?
Contact me today.