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Freelancing Services

Whether it's providing any imaginable software services to small businesses and golf courses or helping other developers in a litany of ways, I am passionate about executing and delivering great software.

Personal Touch

I'm not a faceless company. I will meet with you in whatever way that you need to make sure we are aligned on the best way forward for you or your company.

Fore the Love

My love for golf enables me to not only be passionate about your web-presence, but also for your success as a golf organization. More →

Depth of Experience

I have lead established companies in adding new technologies from the ground up. My wide depth of knowledge allows me the competency to provide the best options available.

What can I do?

Given years of experience, feel free to ask me about something that isn't on this list and I can probably still help you. But my areas of expertise are


What have those who have worked with me said?

“Jake helped me a lot with expertise on the work needed for a website. It was a pleasure to work with him”

Tomasz Kożuch
Tomasz Kożuch

“As a new addition to the team, Jake has been willing to take time to look over things I've done to make sure they fit in with how we do things here...He's almost on a daily basis gone the extra mile in helping me getting this and that to the finish line. It's made my introduction to the company a lot easier knowing there's co-workers that are willing to give their own time to help the larger team.”

Jeff Wolf
Jeff Wolf

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